THCWA has a new scent in Pain Relief Cream

Canna Topical Pain Relief

Canna Infused Pain Relief

Canna Infused Topical Pain Relief cream is comparable to the trademarked Aspercreme. This is not made with Aspercreme, however, it does share the same active ingredients. While making another batch of the ever-so-popular ‘Canna Infused Pain Relief’ topical lotion, I came up with a new scent that many will enjoy.

Since Eucalyptus contains special terps that help increase circulation and aid in the relief of muscle pain, I thought it would be a perfect additive for our Pain Relief cream. A mixture of Eucalyptus, Orange oil, and Vanilla have given it the perfect citrusy energizing blend of essences. SPECIAL SALE: All topicals are $5 off now through July 5th! and view our Menu today!

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